Freezing Assets and Taking it Further How Can the IRS Elevate the Intensity and Push for Action

There are certain actions the government can and cannot take in pursuit of payment. Payment to the IRS has a lot of crossovers to, say child support. But, in some ways, they vary tremendously. Different entities have different limits on what they can do to receive payment, including the government, an ex-spouse, a creditor, etc. The limits vary, but the IRS may have the longest reach of them all.

Asset Seizure

To put it simply, the IRS is definitely capable of seizing assets. But, it does not always get that far. Consider the resources of the IRS. Claims have been stated for years that the IRS is underfunded. What they want more than anything is to receive payment. They do not want to concern themselves over the seizure and sale of assets as well as the time commitment required to find assets, get authorization to take them, and ultimately remove them. All of this extra work and the reward is less than if they just received proper payment.

Intent to Levy and Many Months of Details

A lawyer can minimize the damage here. The acquisition of substantial assets will be signaled. Traditionally, the IRS will have to file a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, which is the announcement that they are actively pursuing and going to acquire assets. This documentation is sent after multiple rounds of emit payment forms, which range from settlements to documentation requests. Any acquisition of assets will happen after many attempts at receiving payment. It is the last result of the last resort.

The team at the Bryson law firm will, first and foremost, tackle the problem of the IRS escalating the situation by what they are capable of doing. The situation will change dramatically when an individual has a legal defense. A lawyer can intervene to stop progress from the IRS, and begin building a proper IRS tax audit.

It is a battle that can’t necessarily be won outright because everyone has to pay their dues. But, it can be accomplished without running a client through every brutal and relentless step in a tax audit.

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